We don’t have that much time here and I think knowing how people choose to spend the time they do have is a great way to get to know them.  


I’ve been carrying this list of things I’d like to do around since I was 16 and periodically coming back to it to see what I’ve done and remind myself of what I’ve yet to do. 

So if you want to get to know me a little better, why don’t you take a look at what I plan on doing while I’m here?

Sell a painting 2009

Get my artwork in a gallery May 2010

Have a story published

Visit the sites of the seven wonders of the world

Be completely selfless for one day

Churn butter

Master a language

Go to the country and use said language like the locals do

Hold a tarantula

Bake cookies from scratch 2012

Learn to ride a motorcycle

Plant a vegetable and eat it

Walk in a protest march January 2011

Riot for something April 2011

Get into a fist fight

Sell all of my possessions

Join the Peace Corps

See a show on Broadway

Go to sleep when the sun sets and wake when it rises

String popcorn for a Christmas tree

Play dreidel

Have a child for a week

Get rid of all my clocks

Write a song

Own some Jimmy Choo shoes

Learn key phrases in a major language May 2011

Watch sea turtles hatch

Write a book

Go to a festival; like a camp for 3 day kinda thing

Hike part (if not a lot of) the Appalachian Trail

Go to Isreal

Eat the food pyramid’s recommended portions for one day

Go scuba diving off of a coral reef

See the redwoods

Eat a hot dog from a stand in NYC

Kiss a rock star

Design, make and wear a real piece of clothing myself

Watch the sunrise and sunset over the ocean

Cross the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain

Swim with dolphins

Get caught in the rain like in the movies July 2007

Learn to screen print 2008

Cry on someone’s shoulder February 2010

Ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza

Swim naked in the Washington Monument’s reflecting pool <- okay, I was 16 when I wrote this but it still sounds totally fun by the way

Pose in front of Mt. Rushmore picking a president’s nose <- remember, I was 16

See Taking Back Sunday in concert November 2008

Stand under the Hollywood sign

Sing on stage… in front of people March 2014

Go to confession

Stand on Mt. Kilimanjaro and see my shadow reflected on the clouds

Walk around with a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag

Go to a Catholic mass in that huge church in NYC

Get married in Vegas

Kayak a river

Clearly I have lot to get to…


3 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m working on growing my own veggies now – let’s see if I can cross that one off this summer! As for the reflecting pool – well, I was 16 when I made the list hehehe 😀

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