what i’m cooking this weekend

y’all… i’m feeling inspired. and hungry. maybe it’s because i skipped my morning smoothie for a quad-grande latte (four shots of espresso, guys!!! get on my level) or because i found a delicious new food blog just before lunch, but i am ready to hit. the. kitchen.

my grocery list is prepped. tonight the love and i are going out for a late dinner, but tomorrow we’ll be having balsamic blueberry grilled cheeses with shaved brussel sprout slaw. and because i’m crazy (and starving) we’ll have an atlantic beach pie that i’ve been dying to try.

balsamic blueberry grilled cheese from Amanda k. by the Bayblueberry grilled cheese

could this look any more delicious? the link above goes to the recipe on her page (i’m all about giving credit where it’s due, so click away!). i think i’ll probably leave the brown sugar out just because i don’t want it to be too sweet.

honey mustard brussel sprout slaw from Anna at Curiouser & Curiouserbrussel sprout slaw

i happen to work with the amazingly talented anna who curates this blog with a little bit of everything, specifically delicious recipes. i saw this in one of her recent posts on easy side dishes and believe me, this looks so simple. and delish. and the perfect green balance to what is sure to be a decadent grilled cheese. i’ll probably dose up on the vinegar because i like a bit of bite.

atlantic beach pie from Bill Smith at Food52atlantic beach pie

i’m obsessed with this recipe. i first saw it on my friend (and twin) bethanny’s facebook and soon it was popping up everywhere. she’s a trend setter. i love trends. and salty, sweet, lemony and everything easy pies. so i will make time for this in my kitchen. i’m thinking of enjoying it with some champers when my love gets home from drill saturday night. i’m so excited about this. so. excited.

so that’s what i’m doing this weekend. that and continuing to harvest my tomato plant. it’s in hyperdrive, y’all. i’m prepping a post on container gardening (i’ve decided i’m an expert now. because i have a living plant. so yes, expert status acheived.). i hope to get it live next week once i’ve amassed enough tomato photos. until then, party on.

love always, sarah.