tiny house, big dream

y’all, sometimes i wish i lived in an airstream, homemade curtains. live just  like a gypsy.

just kidding. that’s miranda lambert’s dream. not mine. what i want to do is live in a fully loaded two hundred square foot gingerbread house on wheels. seriously.

i’ve been doing my research and i think a tiny house makes complete sense for someone my age with the goal of home ownership by twenty five.

a tiny house with a hot tub?yes please.

a tiny house with a hot tub?yes please.

first, writing a monthly rent check pisses me off. it’s such a waste of money and really doesn’t do anything for your ephemeral credit score. it’s maddening. it also keeps me from building up enough capitol to make a down payment on a home. which makes me even angrier.

second, while i’ve come to accept that utility bills will never cease to exist, we can work to make the as small as possible. as long as we use phones to communicate and have the luxury of illumination at the flip of a switch, we’ll be paying a bill for it. but can’t we make the bill smaller? if you lived in a tiny house, i’m guessing you’ll have a tiny bill. me likey.

third, how do i buy a house in the next two years when i don’t even know where i’ll be then? with a tiny house, you have home ownership without land ownership and i think that’s a neat thing. let’s say baker goes active duty and relocates? we could literally bring our house with us. or goodness forbid one of my parents gets sick and i need to care for them? i can move my tiny house into their backyard. or let’s say the redwoods are calling. my tiny house could answer. #winning

finally, i like the idea of living with purpose by maximizing space. in a tiny house, there is no room for the wanton. every nook is built with a thoughtful purpose in mind and just the thought of that gives me a sense of peace and calm. because i’m anal about things like that.

personally, i want something more modern but look!

personally, i want something more modern but this is cute

finally finally, the idea of being debt free is very appealing. it allows for a more intentional life and frees you up to do the one thing that i really want to do: live. when i brought the idea up to my dad, he told me to go buy a camper. hmmm. not a bad idea. why didn’t i think of that? so then i researched living in a camper for real. and people do it. [i think they’re called gypsies…] campers are actually twice the size of tiny houses in many cases (most liveable ones are around 400 square feet). that being said, campers are expensive. the ones i saw, even used, were around $40K. for me, the idea of building a tiny house is appealing because it’s something i could probably achieve without debt in the near future. buying a camper is not. so, tiny house it is.

here are some resources i’ve been referring to a lot lately. as of now, i’m just building in my dreams.

http://www.smallhousestyle.com/  |   http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/  | http://www.eco-huts.com/  |  plus a million more

love always, sarah.


2 thoughts on “tiny house, big dream

  1. I’ve always wanted a small, cozy home with lots surrounding green space, maybe one day both our dreams will come true

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